Education – Bottom 20 Not Acceptable

I have always fought for education.  As your City Councilwoman, I increased funding for our schools and voted for new funding for full-day kindergarten.  The Virginia Beach Education Association endorsed me in each of my City Council elections.

At the local level, in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, we can only do so much.  When State or Federal funding lags, it is the local level that has to either step up and provide the funding, or not.  I always stepped up for the funding.

I didn’t do it for political endorsements.  I did it because I want our local schools to be the absolute best.  Not the best in Hampton Roads or the best in Virginia.  The Best!

That’s why I know we can do better in Virginia than pay what Virginia teachers make.  Virginia ranks in the bottom 20 states in teacher pay.  I’m committed to raise that to at least above the national average.

It’s just good business. I’m a business owner, and I know that to attract and retain top talent takes investment in good salaries.  That’s how you get longevity and that’s how you give our children the best chance at successful careers and a full, well-rounded life.

But it will take more than better pay.  The world is changing, and education must improve, with smaller class sizes and more individualized learning.  Teachers know smaller classes result in more effective learning.  Parents know it, too.

Studies show it.  Students in smaller classes perform better. This is particularly effective when starting in the elementary classrooms when those foundations are being formed.

I gave my commitment to increase funding for education on City Council and I kept that promise.  I’m giving my commitment to do the same in the General Assembly to improve our schools and compete for the best jobs in the Nation.

I’m Shannon Kane – and that’s my promise.

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