No Time to Care?

_We really don't have time._

“We really don’t have time.”  Del. Kelly Fowler

That was the incumbent’s response in Huffington Post when asked if the women who accused Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax of sexual assault could testify and tell their stories.

I was insulted, hurt and disgusted.

A year earlier, Fowler was grandstanding and making speeches Tweeting “women will not be silent” and here she was a year later changing her tune to protect a Democrat accused of two different sexual assaults.

Too Busy to listen to women accusers

Del Kelly Fowler with Lt Gov Justin Fairfax

Imagine if a Republican Lt. Governor was accused by two different women of sexual assaults and a Republican Delegate refuse to let the women be heard because politicians are “so busy” that they “don’t have time?”

Del. Fowler would be outraged and we wouldn’t hear the end of it.  But since it’s a Democrat that is accused, the women are victims again.

Even the Washington Post wrote there is “no justification for inaction”.  The women have asked for a legislative inquiry.  My opponent has denied them that. 

I think people have had enough of this: Politicians who have one set of principles for their own Party and another set of principles for everyone else.

I want to stand up for all women.  We can’t accept “women will not be silent, except when we don’t like what we hear.”

We can’t accept a Delegate who calls for the Governor’s resignation and then takes $15,000 in contributions from him to forget about it.

And we can’t accept a Delegate who protects her political colleagues at the expense of women standing up and being heard.